Friday Introduction: Crystal Stump

A big shout out for our CEO and Senior Consultant to the ABC Consulting team!

Crystal E. Stump is Founder and CEO at ABC Consulting. Born and raised in Tazewell, Virginia. While still in high school, Ms. Stump began working for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (VA ABC) Enforcement Division as an Under Age Buyer. This position made her responsible for testing licensed establishments by attempting to make purchases of alcohol. After high school she attended Bluefield College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. During her senior year, she was selected for and attended the Southwest Law Enforcement Academy located in Bristol, VA. After completing the police academy and her final semester of college, Ms. Stump was selected as a Special Agent for the Enforcement Division of VA ABC. In the following years she worked in virtually every aspect of ABC enforcement operations affecting the licensee community including application investigations, underage buyer operations, audits, inspections, surveillance, criminal court proceedings, and administrative hearings.

 Crystal Stump of ABC Consulting

Ms. Stump knows volumes of information pertaining to licensing, training and enforcement. Virtually every aspect of ABC enforcement is part of her business, ABC Consulting. She continues to improve upon the methods for gathering data, smoothing the application process, presenting compliance education, and consulting with retail clients through the appeal process or inspections. Ms. Stump has created a position that has licensed over 1,000 alcohol licensees! 

Dissatisfied with the accuracy and real-world practicality of the other training programs in the state of Virginia, Ms. Stump developed a comprehensive training program for Virginia alcohol sellers and servers, “The Operational Alcohol Standards Training of Virginia” (T.O.A.S.T. VA®), which received approval for state certification by the Board of the VA ABC, in 2011. Now, our BREW VA™ received state certification, in early 2019. TOAST Academy was born and offers both courses, online and on-site. This Seller/Server alcohol training program is the icing atop our sophisticated consulting services related to licensing, hearings and appeals, inspections and compliance, throughout Virginia.

ABC Consulting's TOAST Academy

Since the birth of ABC Consulting, the business has grown from a one-woman operation to a team of over 15 former state and federal agents and experts in the field of licensing. We offer assistance throughout Virginia, as well as other states across the United States.

In addition to alcohol licensing, Ms. Stump has extensive knowledge with licensing and registrations for many different local state and federal agencies. If you are starting a business and not exactly sure where to start or what you need to begin, she can provide you that expertise, as well.

Ms. Stumps’ vision for the future is to make ABC Consulting a household name (regarding alcohol licensing) and offer our exceptional services to licensees, across the nation. As our clients grow and open in other states, we want to be right alongside them navigating the bureaucratic red tape.

Educating the alcohol licensee drives Crystal, every day. And ensuring licensees are aware of alcohol regulation changes motivates her. Celebrating your business success provides her purpose! How does Crystal like to celebrate? She loves sparkling wines! She has a very special collection of sparkling wines that friends and family have given her, over the years. They are her favorites, mainly for the experience (the pretty glasses, the bubbles, the feeling like every glass is a celebration!).

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wines are Crystal’s drink of choice! She was fortunate to visit her favorite sparkling wine vineyards in Napa Valley, California, a few years ago: Korbel, Chandon, Opus One, and Robert Mondavi are pictured, below.

Korbel Winery, Sparkling Wine
Chandon Winery, Sparkling Wine
Opus One Winery, Sparkling Wine
Robert Mondovi, Sparkling Wine

CEO and Senior Consultant

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