Another Successful Licensing: Ion ITC

Ion International Training Center had their grand opening on June 15, 2019, AND had their alcohol license posted!

This client was a referral from another happy client – so we got TWO SMILES out of one license!  This training center is a year-round twin-sheet indoor ice rink (and arena). One of the arenas has seating for 3,500-5,500, as a venue for hockey and figure skating. Most importantly, this ice rink provides coaching and recreational skating for Loudoun County residents.

Ion ITC Hockey games, coaching, skate practice

Lessons for synchronized skaters, ice dancers, pair skaters, hockey players and figure skaters are taught or coached, constantly. And this summer? Week-long camps (In fact, sign up right away as they are having a special). Ion has a gym that is equipped with cardio, stretching and weight-training equipment and mirrored areas for ballet and dance classes. There are two National Hockey League (NHL) size rinks.

Ion International - ABC Consulting

This past week, Ion ITC and ABC Consulting scrambled to get an alcohol license. ABC Consulting’s Natasha Harris did a great job of getting ION licensed, ASAP. In fact, to toot Natasha’s horn, we got this email across our desk, after Natasha had explained that she had heard from the ABC agent that the license had been approved and was being delivered IN TIME for grand opening:

“Natasha, things didn’t just work out; you totally pulled a miracle! Much gratitude”

Behind the scenes, in this particular situation, Natasha had several complications to deal with: 1) a very busy client with little time to obtain proper documents 2) files kept getting hung up with a new, unseasoned tech and 3) at the last minute, the SCC status was delinquent. Bottom line – if Natasha hadn’t been in CONSTANT contact with the VA ABC agent and the tech’s supervisor, Ion International wouldn’t have had alcohol for their grand opening. PHEW. Natasha did pull a full-on miracle!

So many things happen behind the scenes of our consulting firm. We have so many success stories of businesses that we serve. And, today, ABC Consulting is thrilled to help get a new business up and running. Ion ITC has a full-service Café that now can serve alcohol, thanks to Natasha! Ion ITC has several areas in the building allocated to birthday parties and corporate events. Consider having your next event there!

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