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As a brewery, in the state of Virginia, ABC Consulting can offer several services: online training, in-person and live training, helping you pass inspections and renew any licensing — as well as guide you through the process of initial alcohol licensing. Our retail and restaurant seller/server training is the most COMPREHENSIVE Alcohol Seller/Server Training available, in Virginia. ABC offers the ONLY brewery training in Virginia and it is Virginia ABC Certified!!

T.O.A.S.T. VA® is an online training course and is available for only $29.95. It was our first online seller / server training and was developed in 2011 by retired Virginia ABC Special Agents. Our brewery training has all the same elements, as well as the unique issues that face a brewery and is available for only $39.95. This training module explores pertinent Virginia Alcohol Rules and Regulations that can affect you, as an employee, and businesses, and as an employer.  

Our training includes:

  • Tasting-Room employee responsibilities
  • Bottle service
  • TTB Regulations / COLAs & Labels
  • Advice from former Virginia ABC agents 
  • How to pass ABC inspections
  • Discounting alcohol
  • All-You-Can-Drink specials and promotions
  • Happy-Hour regulations
  • Why ABC would be undercover in your business
  • Social-media advertising
  • Reviewing fake IDs
    • Review REAL fake IDs
    • Learn ID-checking techniques
    • Learn about accepted valid IDs
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of ABC brewery rules & regulations
  • Being able to complete the training at your own pace (or at each employee’s pace)

Why trust our brewery alcohol training for servers and sellers it the state of Virginia? 

Both of our TOAST Academy trainings: BREW ™ and T.O.A.S.T. VA® were developed by Crystal E. Stump, a former Virginia ABC Special Agent and, now, CEO of ABC Consulting.  The T.O.A.S.T VA® program has been certified by Virginia ABC and the BREW VA ™ is now certified, as well. ABC Consulting is the first (and only!) to offer brewery training and now it is certified by VA ABC. This course is presented from the unique perspective of an ABC Special Agent specifically designed with a brewery, in mind. The program includes in-depth training of the regulations, the ability to spot fake ID’s, managing confrontational situations, and instruction on the various programs operated by VA ABC including the underage buyer program.

Our consulting package also includes access to expert attorneys, versed in Virginia ABC Law – ABC Consulting has developed relationships with premier attorneys who are experts in the field of Virginia ABC law. If for any reason you are called for a hearing or appeal, our experts have extensive experience in the court room.  We will prepare you for any hearing (whether you have an attorney or not).  VA ABC Consulting bridges the gap between businesses and governmental agencies, ensuring impartial treatment related to licensing, education, and compliance within the alcoholic beverage industry.

BREW VA - from TOAST Academy, ABC Consulting

Buy BREW ™ | Virginia Alcohol Seller/Server Training for $39.95

*Disclaimer: This article and its contents represent the opinions of the author only and is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice. ABC Consulting is a private consulting firm, and in no way do we represent the VA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified professional advice based upon your situation.

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