How to have the perfect wedding – guaranteed

Let’s get this out of the way, right now. Your wedding isn’t going to be perfect. It cannot be. And the fact that it won’t be perfect isn’t your fiancée’s fault, your new Mother-in-Law’s fault, the Wedding Planner’s fault – it just WILL NOT happen, perfectly. But, what this article will try to do is to control what you can (the plan), before, and what you can control during? Your attitude and the desire to look back – AFTER IT IS ALL OVER – with pleasure.

Now, that we have told you the BIG secret – your attitude is everything in life – even on your wedding day and in the planning process, there are things that can help your day go more smoothly. Most of them are pretty simple.

Being organized and having plans and lists and timelines really sounds unromantic, but having a plan and knowing when something HAS to be ‘checked off,’ really takes away the stress of the time leading up to the wedding day.

Figure out a budget that you can live with spending – before you start shopping and getting wowed. Having a specific wedding budget makes it easier to choose vendors and it can help determine how much to spend on your honeymoon, after the bigger things are budgeted.

Decide if you want to hire a wedding planner – this seems, for many, to be an unnecessary luxury. For others, it may be the ultimate necessity. Navigating flowers, attendants, attire, alcohol choices, attendant’s gifts, toasts, and so on can present challenges when you have people attending from out-of-state or if you don’t plan on taking time off from work until the wedding day. Consider how much time is required to both plan and execute your wedding and then add at least 25% more time! And be honest with yourself and your partner about how much you can handle (not just physically, but mentally). If choosing napkin colors and buying gifts for the out-of-town guests and candles for the tables is going to put you over the edge, find someone who can help.

Decide, as quickly as possible, the things that have to be decided up front: time of day, venue, colors, buffet or full-service food, music, etc. etc. Narrow down your big choices, quickly, before you start shopping. In other words: Do you want a black-tie affair with hand-passed appetizers? DJ or Band? Buffet or Sit-Down? Blue and Orange or Blue and Light Blue? Once the bigger choices are narrowed, then you can choose invitations, choose the attendant’s dresses and go listen to bands with your wedding party – all the things become more fun! Remember, planning a wedding should be a ton of fun!

If you’re hosting your own wedding (think backyard or clubhouse), or if you have chosen a non-traditional location for your reception, make sure you understand the liquor licensing and service laws — you will likely have to purchase a liquor license (purchase license, here) and your servers may need to have alcohol service training (server training can be found here) or certification to legally pour out the drinks at your reception. Bottom line: if you are planning on serving alcohol, at all, even a one-pour toast, make sure to get the alcohol license. This is called a one-day alcohol license or a banquet license. You can apply for it, here. Have a blast! Prior Planning Prevents…..and it is all about Attitude on your wedding day.

*Disclaimer: this article and its contents represent the opinions of the author, only. It is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice. ABC Consulting is a private consulting firm, and in no way do we represent the Va dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified professional advice based upon your situation.

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