Assuming in the week before your wedding…not a good idea

One week to go and you are so organized and everything on your ToDo list is DONE. You’re so ready for the big day. But – let’s create a re-confirm list for you:

Touch base with all your vendors a week before the wedding

Call after hours if you don’t want to talk to anyone – but call and remind of date/time/location. Make sure to give your venue the final headcount.

Make sure your wedding party knows their responsibilities. 

  • Make sure that someone brings any cake-cutting tools or candles
  • Make sure someone has the final payments for anything outstanding (the pastor, the caterer, the bartenders, etc.)
  • Give your  maid-of-honor phone numbers to all vendors, just in case – you cannot be bothered with pesky details the day of, believe me.

Schedule last-minute mani/pedi

Don’t do anything drastic to your hair, but make sure you have a last-minute appointment in case you break a nail or chip your polish. 

Deliver any gift baskets to the hotel

Make sure that you don’t leave this until last-minute or you’ll be caught off guard, misplace them or mis-count. Make a list of names and addresses, to prevent any mishaps.

Put your Go Bag together, now

Make sure you have all the cosmetics and touch ups you’ll need, medicine you might need, and if you are leaving for your honeymoon the next day – don’t pack AFTER the wedding – you’ll be very tired and not thinking straight.  BTW, start making a pile with EVERY single piece of your wedding attire that you’ll need, too.

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