Grunows Kitchen, in Yorktown, got help! (the right kind of help)

Patricia Grunow, ABC Consulting Client

Grunows Kitchen is a gluten-free restaurant located at 4336 George Washington Memorial Highway, in Yorktown. Patricia Grunow, the restaurant owner, had a vision but needed help – she started asking around (this is where good networking comes into play) and found a goldmine of resources. She reached out and utilized the experts! She knew she had a great dream and that she could cook, but needed practical help hiring, training, decorating and basically setting up the shop in the best and most efficient way possibly (i.e. the least expensive but perfectly perfect!). ABC Consulting assisted in our own way, of course (licensing, record keeping, mock VA ABC Authority inspections, our TOAST Academy training and ongoing alcohol licensing compliance training and assistance). Elite Plants helped plant and created a peaceful garden. And Patricia Grunow hired Glider Business Consultants‘ Anna Glider to manage the opening.

ABC Consulting recommends Anna Glider to our clients who are looking for a management company and in this situation, it was a perfect storm. Anna Glider has been helping businesses obtain their vision for about 15 years. Her relationship with Patricia Grunow started about 10 months ago. Patricia Grunow had a dream of something better: better local, better family restaurant, better food, better gluten free, better nut free – she just wanted better NATURAL, without sacrificing quality or taste. Glider Business Consultants did a deep assessment of what Patricia Grunow had to work with and quickly went to work creating not only the perfect dining atmosphere but also assembling the perfect team. Hiring is not only expensive but the backbone of the business – it creates the FACE of the restaurant – you have to have smiling, positive people in place – and Ms. Glider did just that. She spent hours reviewing applications and interviewing applicants to find the right managers, Chefs, servers, hostesses, and receptionists – now, she continues to assist in offering proper (but budget friendly) marketing.

Patricia Grunow, owner of Grunows Kitchen

If you haven’t visited our friends over at Grunows Kitchen, what are you waiting for?

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