The Big Winner – The Hound’s Tale of Williamsburg

BIG SHOUT OUT to the employees that are going the distance for their brand. ABC Consulting’s winner of our “Toot Your Own Horn” contest is bartender and restaurant manager Diane Wade of The Hound’s Tale, in Williamsburg.

She has been posting daily on both Peninsula/Wburg/Glo Food To-Go, Curbside Pick Up & Delivery and Williamsburg Eat Local, as well as the business’ Facebook page.  This steady and constant marketing has allowed them to stay nimble and make quick changes, during the COVID-19 pandemic – they are meant to be a full-service bar and sit-down restaurant. Take Out was only through Uber Eats when someone got a hankering for their amazing Brussel Sprouts or their Wagyu Burger! Now, it is the only way that they get business and Facebook Groups have been incredibly useful for getting the word out about menu changes and specials and has definitely had an impact on business. Questions are asked, drink recipes are discussed and the locals are noisy about how much they love this dog-loving restaurant (owners can sit outside with their pups at one of their outside tables).  Diane Wade has had dozens of shares and dozens of comments for her specialty cocktail (and with the current executive order by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, you can get it delivered to you, curbside, to take home and enjoy!) The cocktail is called the Mint Condition (frozen Malibu Pineapple Mojito). YUM!

Obviously, The Hound’s Tale misses the dine-in business and they are equally sad about missing 2nd Sundays Williamsburg – Art & Music Festivals! That has always been a favorite event for the restaurant because of being able to introduce themselves to new customers from the event’s spillover – they have a prime location!

The restaurant has continued to keep Chef Stevie Sowell busy, Bar Manager Diane Wade busy and has the help of part-time employee Carly Zeh. They all work, together, through the screeching halt of dining room business to figuring out how to stay in touch with their fans, continue to promote their brand and advertise Curbside service and menu changes. The menu has been reduced, prices reduced and they all long for the day that they’ll be able to re-open and see all their staff and regular customers in their dining room.

This weekend, The Hound’s Tale is participating in the Williamsburg Meals on Wheels Fundraiser Event. Order your meal (and cocktails!), starting at 5:30pm, on May 15th; simple call 757-221-6678 or email to order. Then, head home and eat your chef-created meal and watch the Facebook Live event (Chef Stevie will be doing a live cooking demo); proceeds will benefit Meals on Wheels of Williamsburg.  

Call 757-221-6678 or email to order meal before 5:30pm

The Hound’s Tale enjoys the prime location of the middle of Prince George Street – and at the end of the block is The Hound’s Tale’s retail location: The Hound’s Tale Corner BARKery – on the corner of South Boundary and Prince George Street.  The Corner BARKery will open their patio, this Friday, after the Governor’s executive order will allow patio seating of 50%.  

Michelle and Steve Sieling bought the Hound’s Tale about a year and a half ago. Don and Geri Pratt’s vision lives on with the fresh vision of the Sielings. Great food and fun beverages (at a reasonable cost) continue to be the mission and Executive Chef Stevie Sowell has created something truly special on Prince George Street. Over the last year and a half, this team frequently creates new specials, rotates the taps and clearly adores dogs! They truly adore dogs – in fact The Hound’s Tale Corner BARKery is a retail store and dining patio is truly dog-friendly (patio has tie ups for dogs and tables for owners) that serves doggy beer, doggy wine and adult milkshakes!   

Owners  Michelle and Steve Sieling own two AromasWorld locations, two restaurants on William and Mary College campus (Daily Grind and another restaurant inside the Swem Library), as well as The Hound’s Tale and The Hound’s Tale Corner BARKery. After a year and a half, they finally had their feet under them and have found new success in all locations — then….COVID-19. Oh, My! How much this coronavirus and social distancing has stretched the hospitality industry!

But, employees like Diane Wade step UP and do what is necessary to make their brand shine, even during a pandemic.

If you have never visited the The Hound’s Tale, they are offering Curbside / Takeout, and their very eclectic menu (with phenomenal food!) has been changed, slightly to accommodate family budgets and unemployment – still allowing the local population to eat ‘out.’ Here are the retail locations owned by Michelle and Steve Sieling:

AromasWorld Specialty Coffees, Bakery & Café

Note: Aroma’s (in Williamsburg) has been providing a marketplace where locals can pick up deli meats, breads and even cleaning supplies, curbside!

431 Prince George St (0.08 mi)
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

(757) 221-6676

AromasWorld Specialty Coffees, Bakery & Café  The Newport News location is currently closed, but will re-open their restaurant when the Virginia Executive Order allows dining rooms to open.

706 Town Center Dr (18.14 mi)
Newport News, Virginia 23606

(757) 240-4650

The Hound’s Tale Corner BARKery  

501 Prince George Street

Williamsburg, Virginia

Call (757) 206-1170

 The Hound’s Tale Sit. Eat. Stay!

 515 Prince George Street #200 (0.15 mi)
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

(757) 221-6678

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