Just Approved: Droofin Inc.

Just Approved Alcohol License - Business Highlight from ABC Consulting

Another interesting alcohol license! Droofin Inc is an internet-sales and delivery service based out of Norfolk, Virginia. They opened their doors in – YOU GUESSED IT – a pandemic. Timing certainly means something but resilience is everything…and this company is marketing, delivering and maintaining since the end of April.


When it’s quarantining outside, let Droofin deliver to your door! They have Craft Beers on demand – for delivery in an hour or less (between 4-10pm). Customers may also schedule ahead for beer and wine.

Their license is unique: Internet Wine/Beer Retailer – this allows persons who own an establishment with adequate inventory, shelving, and storage facilities (but is not a retail store open to the public) to take orders for wine and beer via internet or telephone, and ship directly to customers.   Delivery is just $4.95 but a Premium Membership is $79 for the year (FREE delivery for a year, as well as member-only specials and discounts).

After your membership purchase (make sure that is the only thing in your cart), all delivery charges will automatically be free!

LIKE their Facebook page, look over their offerings on their website – Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive; let Droofin deliver!

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