Just Approved: Sugarland Laundromat

Just Approved Alcohol License - Business Highlight from ABC Consulting

As businesses re-open in the state of Virginia, we greedily scan headlines for who is doing what (is someone shortening the hours?  introducing a new service? creating a buzz about an employee’s initiative?)…it is so exciting to watch businesses do what they need to do to keep their employees employed, stay profitable and stay in the public eye. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a laundromat in Sterling, Virginia. Sugarland Laundry has been in business for several years and when the restaurants and convenience stores around them closed, they saw a need. They turned to ABC Consulting for help and got licensed with a Beer Off Premises alcohol license. It is truly refreshing to see Virginia businesses figure out what works to SUCCEED.

Their hours are 6am – 11pm and now they can sell you beer, when your chores are all done. Please LIKE their Facebook, go get your laundry done and enjoy a cold one to celebrate the fact that your clothes are all clean! 

Sugarland Laundry 

97 Sugarland Run Drive. Sterling, Virginia


 *Disclaimer: This article and its contents represent the opinions of the author only and is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice. ABC Consulting is a private consulting firm, in no way do we represent the VA ABC Authority. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified professional advice, based upon your situation.

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