Just Approved: Metro Motor Pentagon Liberty of Arlington, Virginia

Just Approved Alcohol License - Business Highlight from ABC Consulting

Arlington loves Metro Motor – a neighborhood auto mechanic and repair shop that offers repair services, tows and BEER! Yes, you read that right – if you want to grab beers (or wine) after you pay for your oil change, Metro Motor can help you out because of a recently approved Wine & Beer Off Premises License. 

Find Metro Motors at Columbia Pike, in Arlington. Take advantage of affordable prices on vehicle inspections and oil changes with their ASE-certified professionals.

If you would like to learn to think outside of the box and GROW your business and ADD services that might not have been possible, before COVID, or that you would never have thought of, call us! ABC Consulting certainly doubles as a business coach and we’d love to help! Call 800-785-0161  to schedule a consultation call, if you have questions.

Metro Motor Pentagon Liberty


2300 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204-4402



Monday-Friday | 7:30AM–5PM
Saturday | 7:30AM–2PM
Sunday | Closed

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