Just Approved: Fields of Athenry Sidesaddle Bistro

ABC Consulting assisted in the application process for Wine & Beer On & Off  Premise and a Mixed Beverage License for Fields of Athenry Sidesaddle Bistro, in Middleburg.

Fields of Anthenry Sidesaddle Bistro - ABC Consulting Just Approved

This business has opened during a pandemic and IN their grand opening revamped their business as they figured out how to stay open and thrive. Because of their open minds and nimble mission, they have created all sorts of interesting ways to sell and make a profit. Fun Fact: over the holidays while the owner was recovering from surgery, they closed the Bistro and sold bulk farm-raised meat butchered by their farm as holiday dinners. Another fun fact about this farm – its mission began with the owner’s daughter’s health being compromised by store-bought food. All animals are raised in open-air pastures, with free-range access to good, nutrient rich vegetation, and ensure absolutely no steroids, hormones, or preservatives are given to them; the result: incredibly nutrient-rich produce and protein-rich meats.

The owner are American-raised purveyors of meat and fine produce, making the meat industry Get Sideways! The name is interesting, too. Side Saddle Bistro takes being sideways to heart — to them it isn’t just the position of the rider – it’s a lifestyle! They admire ladies riding aside to the hounds, soldiers using side saddles in battle, or therapeutic riding for those with injuries or unique physical abilities – and they take pride in serving fresh farm-to-table fare; mix some of the best craft drinks in town; and delight in showing folks our sideways life of health conscious living and community engagement.

Fields of Athenry Sidesaddle Bistro


7 W Washington St, Middleburg, VA 20117



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