Just Approved: The Taco Rock Pinecrest Plaza

There is a new kid in town (in Alexandria, that is). Have you discovered The Taco Rock? These are tacos with attitude. What we noticed, first? PURPLE tacos. And PURPLE chips! I am certain that Alexandria, Virginia is welcoming the home of the Blue Corn Tortilla. The Taco Rock has combined rock-n-roll with a passion for traditional Mexican street tacos! Their menu is bold, daring and innovative, and starring their Puff Blue Chips!

  • PUFF BLUE CHIPS $5 hand-torn blue masa fried until crispy & puffy served with Taco Rock salsa

THESE are not your everyday tacos:

  • AHI TUNA: sesame crusted ahi, seaweed salad, sesame ginger slaw, crispy ramen, pickled fresno, cucumber wasabi sauce, furikake spice
  • WE JAM MIN: grilled jerk chicken, cabbage, jerk sauce, mango pico de gallo, fresno peppers  

Even their sides sound special:

  • ELOTE (STREET CORN): grilled corn, queso fresco, mayonesa piquin, chili ashes
  • MEXICAN FRIED RICE: made with chorizo and egg

Check it – they even have vegetarian lover’s tacos:

  • FRIED AVOCADO:  roasted corn, pico de gallo, mexican crema
  • GENERALTSO CAULIFLOWER:  cauliflower, sesame ginger slaw, spring onions, thai chili, toasted sesame seeds

Their variety boasts one-of-a-kind specialty tacos, tasty brunch items & decadent desserts (including their famous ice cream Churro sandwich). By The Way: you’ll have to see their eye-catching craft cocktails to believe…trust us.

This is a dream-come-true for some lucky residents of Alexandria – and the owners of The Taco Rock. Get in touch with us to get a little help with your dream, from ABC Consulting.

The Taco Rock – Pinecrest Plaza


6550 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312
(703) 712-7659

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm



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