What Can ABC Consulting do for your restaurant?

As most businesses are looking for ways to trim expenses, small businesses in Virginia might think that consulting is a discretionary expense. We disagree and we’ll tell you why.

ABC Consulting can help you with your licensing, of course – if your restaurant doesn’t have an alcohol license or if you are simply renewing or adding additional licensing. Using our online portal, rest assured that all the documents needed for VA ABC Authority approval will be reviewed by our experts before presenting the package.  Our experts will find and correct any issues before submitting the application (this results in a quicker license approval!). You might be surprised to know that documents needed for approval are not always indicated on applications – but we know them by heart and we’ll make sure they are attached. We’re also the first to know of changes in the approval process and fix errors, in real time, before the application is submitted.  

ABC Consulting

We offer training to protect your restaurant and your servers. And it only costs $29.95. It is online and self-paced. TOAST Academy has three courses available to your employees that serve alcohol: 1) BREW™ 2) T.O.A.S.T. VA® and 3) WINE™. Our training called TOAST (The Operational Alcohol Standards Training) was developed by Crystal E. Stump, a former Virginia ABC Special Agent and now CEO of ABC Consulting.  The program has been certified by VA ABC Authority. This training course is presented from the unique perspective of an ABC Special Agent. The program includes in-depth training of the regulations that concern the serving of alcohol, the ability to spot fake ID’s, managing confrontational situations, and instruction on the various programs operated by VA ABC including the underage buyer program. BREW™ and WINE™ are similar but also have the additional unique training specific to those concerns All are certified by VA ABC Authority.

MBAR (Mixed Beverage Annual Review) – ABC Consulting maintains state required food-to-liquor ratio, minimum monthly sales requirements and year-end reporting of food and beverage sales for Mixed Beverage clients.

Access to Expert Attorneys, versed in Virginia ABC Law – ABC Consulting has developed relationships with premier attorneys who are experts in the field of Virginia ABC law.

Hearings and Appeals – Hearing preparation is paramount. Our experts have extensive experience in the court room.  We will prepare you for any hearing (whether you have an attorney or not).  

Just having a subject-matter expert in your corner to call on and lean on, is comforting, but when it comes to your small-business income or penalties and fines, this will become SO much more important. For instance, did you know that we consider ourselves business coaches? We can help you ‘find’ a better ratio, for your MBAR reporting – just by looking at your receipts, your menu and your VIP policies. We can help reduce your fines and jailtime (by up to 50%) by training your staff with T.O.A.S.T. VA®. We are your partner; we’re in this together and sometimes the cost of doing business will look like hiring the expert to support you. How can we help? 800-785-0161

*Disclaimer: this article and its contents represent the opinions of the author, only. It is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice. ABC Consulting is a private consulting firm, and in no way do we represent the VA ABC Authority. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified professional advice based upon your situation.

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