Why choose ABC Consulting to prepare your VA ABC license application?

ABC Consulting was created by Crystal E. Stump, a former Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Agent. During her years as a Special Agent she saw countless examples of VA ABC license applicants who underestimated the level of detail and the degree of attention and precision necessary for successfully presenting a license application to VA ABC. This lack of understanding and attention to detail was the most common reason applications were not approved. VA ABC processes thousands of applications a year and an incomplete or inaccurate application is grounds for an application hearing which can result in lengthy delays, or the denial of the license. When ABC Consulting processes alcohol license applications, it allows the client to focus on getting their business ready for operation while the application is diligently being processed by the experts.   We know how to complete the application properly, and we know how to present it to VA ABC so no unforeseen problems arise. We then communicate directly with VA ABC on your behalf to ensure that your license is issued promptly and fairly.