Are licensees allowed to sell growlers?

BEFORE the Virginia Governor's Executive Order regarding growlers AND how the rules will be when the orders are lifted are as follows:
• Must be in a reusable glass, ceramic, or metal container
• Must be re-sealable closure
• Can be sold up until midnight
• Sales can resume at 6am
• Must be a licensed Restaurant with Wine and Beer On and Off-Premises privilege, OR
• Must be licensed as a Gourmet Shop with Wine and Beer Off-Premises privilege and meet gourmet food sales/inventory requirements to comply as a “gourmet shop”

• Beer or Cider can be in containers up to 128 oz .
• Wine can be put in containers up to 64 oz
• Wine, Beer and Cider sold in growlers may only be sold by persons licensed to sell wine for both on-premises and off-premises consumption and by gourmet shop licensees. Wine sold by gourmet shop licensees shall be labeled with the (i) manufacturer’s name or trade name, (ii) place of production, (iii) net contents in fluid ounces, and (iv) name and address of the retailer.

During this time VA is now allowing Growlers to be sold as follows:
• Pet Plastic Growler Bottles up to 64oz
• Pet Plastic Bottles up to 64oz
• Swing Top Bottles up to 750 ml
• Flip Top Beer Bottles up to 32oz