"My company recently completed T.O.A.S.T VA training presented by ABC Consulting. Crystal and her team prepared a very thorough and informative training program. Those in attendance ranged from individuals with some bar knowledge to those with very little. As a recruiting consultant for a top a Food & Beverage company and publisher of a nightlife magazine, I walked away with so much information to better support my clients. Crystal's vast experience and her ability to connect with the group kept the class fun and upbeat. She definitely left everyone confident in her abilities and the effectiveness of the program. We will be inviting many clients into the training program... And have already recommended a new client to work with her as they open up a new location."
~ Del Scheitler - The Local's Hottest

"ABC Consulting came to Froggie's Cantina to provide my staff with T.O.A.S.T. VA training. The presentation by Ms. Stump was very informative and easy to follow. Even my staff in the business for 10+ years learned something new! All of the employees enjoyed the real life experiences Ms. Stump was able to convey and they feel much more confident in their decisions as responsible servers."
~ Debbie Bickel - Froggie's Cantina by the Bay

"T.O.A.S.T. VA is such an amazing program. In this industry, knowledge is everything and Crystal E. Stump (formerly with Virginia ABC) really knows her stuff!!"
~ Justin Bromie Varner - Job Placement Coordinator at The Professional Bartending Academy.

"I was surprised at how much I did not know."
~ Milo

"I learned so much."
~ Madalyn

"The training class offered great information to help us do the right thing"
~ David

"I enjoyed learning the differences in policy and law."
~ Knowledge

"The best part of this training is now I know exactly how the code reads for certain charges."
~ Christian

"I feel more confident in checking ID's after being T.O.A.S.T. VA certified."
~ Jasmine

"I highly recommend this training. It is a valuable class that everyone involved in the bar industry should take!"

"T.O.A.S.T. VA training was clear, easy to follow and very informative."
~ Kimberly

"I enjoyed the interaction that Crystal brought forth in the training."
~ Rachel

"I regret not taking this class sooner. It is dangerous not to!"
~ Anton

"I was surprised at some of the crazy laws/rules."
~ Amie

"I enjoyed the good mix of knowledge, facts and the real life examples that Crystal shared."
~ Theresa

"I know much more now than I thought I knew."
~ Sharon

"My favorite part of the training was learning how to spot fake ID's."
~ Nora

"The T.O.A.S.T. VA training was professional, informative, and stressed the seriousness of VA ABC regulations."
~ Stephen

"I was shocked at the cost of VA ABC penalties, good to know how expensive a mistake can be."
~ Sarah

"I enjoyed learning the truth behind the common myths in the bar industry."
~ Sarah

"I have been in the bar business for over 20 years and I learned new things."
~ Kimberly

"Crystal is an awesome instructor!"
~ Tammy

"I definitely benefited from this training. It was nice to really finally understand the advertising regulations."
~ Deborah

"I enjoyed learning the facts about happy hour."
~ Janet

"I have taken other alcohol training courses and this is by far the best and most realistic training."
~ Justin

"Recommended for being detailed, I feel much safer knowing this information."
~ Michelina

"It's good information to have and the teacher communicated well and we was very knowledgeable on the subject matter."
~ Presley

"Opened my eyes to laws that I didn't know existed. I highly recommend it to someone new to the food service industry."
~ Erik

"Very hands on and easy to understand."
~ Jacob

"If you are a bartender or owner you can't afford not to take this class."
~ Pam