5 Things to Know Before Starting a Mobile Bartending Business

Virginia ABC Authority currently does not offer a mobile bartending license. In Virginia, one can operate as a mobile bartender, but cannot sell alcohol, tickets to an event, or take donations. The person who is hosting the event can hire a mobile bartending service to be their bartender, but mobile bartenders cannot purchase the alcohol and then resell the alcohol to the person hosting the event or to the guests of the event. So how does one get around this issue?

Let me explain in more detail. In Virginia, the person hosting the event must be an alcohol license holder and they must qualify for the alcohol license. ABC Consulting assists mobile bartenders with acquiring an alcohol license for the person who is hosting the event. The host of the event can purchase the alcohol and the bartender can provide a chauffeur service by picking up and delivering purchased alcohol to the event. The alcohol must be returned to the person who originally purchased the alcohol if any remains after the event. The bartender may provide their bartending expertise, but cannot sell alcohol. The alcohol license must be posted/displayed where the alcohol is being served.