Industry/Wholesale Services

State and Federal Alcohol Application Processing
Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control (Virginia ABC) and Alcohol and Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) applications are a time-consuming, a daunting task for most entrepreneurs--except us of course.  Our former ABC and TTB Special Agents know exactly how to ensure quick licensing approval.   

State and Federal Label Approval Processing (COLA's)
Need label approval?  It depends! You may or may not need label approval for your product.  We know when such approval is required and we ensure quick approval of such labels because we review them carefully before submitting them for approval.  

Virginia ABC and TTB Excise Tax Return Assistance and Quarterly Filing of Operations Reports
Taxes have to be paid and this will be one less worry for you.

Access to Expert Attorneys, Versed in Virginia ABC Law
ABC Consulting has developed relationships with select Virginia attorneys who are experts in the field of VA ABC law.

Shippers Permit Processing
Interested in shipping your product?  We will help.

Beer Bottler, Importer, Shipper Permit Processing

Internet Wine Retailer Application Processing

License Renewal
ABC Consulting processes license renewals to prevent late fees and license expiration.

Licensing Updates
ABC Consulting processes membership changes, license transfers, trade name changes, etc.

License Extensions
ABC Consulting processes the extension privileges of licensed establishments for additional dining areas, outdoor dining, and special events