Can you get an Alcohol License if you have a DUI Conviction?

Many people question if a DUI prohibits them from receiving an ABC license. The answer depends. In most cases an individual with a DUI conviction can obtain an ABC license pretty hassle-free; however, if the DUI conviction was within the last 5 years the application could be called to an ABC Application Hearing. This can delay license issuance for several months. At such a Hearing the ABC Agent tries to make a case as to why your DUI conviction prevents you from being a compliant alcohol licensee while you present a case as to why such a conviction does not prohibit you from being a compliant alcohol licensee. A Hearing Officer renders a written decision within 60 days of the Hearing.

If you plan to be an ABC Manager, you must be approved by VA ABC before acting as an ABC Manager if you have a felony or DUI conviction. If you want assistance in getting approved we are here to help.

Disclaimer: We are not attorneys, seek an attorney for legal advice. Conduct due diligence before taking actions based on the content in this video. We are not affiliated with the VA Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority.