What is the most important thing I should know before applying for an alcohol license?

The most important thing you should know before applying for a Virginia Alcohol License is your legal entity name/company name. Virginia alcohol licenses are issued to entities not people unless you are a sole-proprietor.

Before applying for a VA alcohol license license you must register your legal entity with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (VA SCC).

Once your legal entity name has been registered that is the name you will use when applying for ALL permits related to your business, including your alcohol license. Do not use your personal name, always use your legal entity name.

If you plan to trade as/do business under a trade name-which is a name other than your legal entity name, then you must register your trade name with the locality in which you do business and the VA State Corporation Commission (VA SCC).

The trade name is the name that you use on social media, your business sign, your menu, etc. It is the name the public knows you as.