Former ABC Agent Discusses 3 Reasons Your ABC License Gets Denied

If you are applying for a retail or industry ABC license make sure you understand state applications fully. Retail licensing refers to restaurants, gourmet shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. Many applications are denied for the following reasons.

  1. Incorrect information or blank information on the ABC application.
  2. Not understanding the ownership question of the ABC application.
  3. Lying on the application regarding criminal and driving history.
  4. Extra - Not qualifying for the license you applied for.

If you do not have attention to detail, then hire us to handle your licensing process. If you are not experienced with state or government applications, let us handle this for you while you focus on your business. VA ABC Enforcement Division takes ABC license investigations very seriously. Be sure to make a copy and maintain tracking information when you mail your ABC application. Many times applications are lost.

Alcohol license approval can take 45 days if there are no issues with your application. If the application has incorrect information, missing information, or you do not qualify for the license you have applied for it could take months and months to be ultimately denied. In some cases, you cannot apply again for 12 months.