Former ABC Agent Discusses 3 Ways to get an ABC License Revoked

This video discusses the 3 ways your ABC license can be revoked.

Not meeting the required minimum sales amount per your ABC License requirement and not meeting the Food to Liquor Ratio.
Selling to an Under Age Buyer employed by the VA ABC Authority.
Not keeping accurate records.

Each license has its own set of sales qualifications and some licenses do not have a ratio requirement. Understanding your license type is very important.

Selling alcohol to a person less than 21 years of age is taken very seriously by the VA ABC Authority. Each year the enforcement division is tasked with testing all alcohol licensees by sending in a person less than 21 years of age and attempting to observe the sale of alcohol.
Watch my video here to learn more about the Under Age Buyer Program.

Failure to keep records on-premises for 2 years is an ABC violation that may result in license revocation. It is important to keep your records even if you change the point of sale systems.
Watch this video on record-keeping.