How to get an Alcohol License for an Event Center

Event Centers in Virginia are often looking for ways to license their venue to sell or serve alcohol. A licensed venue alleviates customers from having to obtain their own One-Day Banquet license for an event.

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority does not have a license designated for Event Venues; however, with creative planning, a venue may be able to apply for and receive a Wine, Beer, and Mixed Beverage License if they meet the parameters associated with operating a restaurant, caterer and or concession.

The qualifications for a Wine, Beer, and Mixed Beverage Restaurant License are minimal. The licensee must sell at least 4,000.00 in food each month and of that 2,000.00 must be in the form of an entrée. There are no specific kitchen equipment requirements, but the licensee must prepare the food on-premises.

The Wine, Beer, and Mixed Beverage Restaurant License takes approximately 60-90 days to be approved. It is a permanent license with an annual renewal. License fees vary on the number of seats. Record keeping must be kept showing qualifying monthly sales.

If an event center does not wish to pursue the restaurant option but wants to allow alcohol consumption they can require their customer to obtain their own One-Day Banquet License. We can assist with obtaining such a license.

Nonprofit organizations can also apply for a One-Day Special Event Banquet License. This license allows for the sale of tickets, admission, and even the sale of alcohol from a cash bar. We can also assist nonprofit organizations with obtaining such a license.  Approval takes approximately 30 days for one-day/banquet licensing.

Catering licensees are required to sell at least 48,000 in catered food sales per year to maintain the alcohol license.

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