How to Get a Virginia Alcohol License

Before applying for a Virginia (VA) alcohol license (ABC license), first, you should determine what license type you will qualify for. In VA, there are many different alcohol license types. Once you determine the best license type for your business, find a location to conduct your business. Upon finding a location then form a company/entity with the VA State Corporation Commission (VA SCC), after forming/registering your legal entity then apply for your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) with the IRS. Upon finding a location, registering your entity, and obtaining your FEIN you may then begin the application process for a VA ABC License.

All VA ABC applications should be mailed to the VA ABC Authority in Richmond, VA for initial review. Upon Richmond review, the application is forwarded to 1 of the 9 VA ABC regional offices for a final review, site inspection, and approval.  License investigations take at least 45 days and in some cases several months before approval.