What is a VA ABC COOP?

What is a VA ABC COOP?
A VA ABC COOP is a Continuation of Operations Permit. This permit can be approved for a new VA ABC applicant who wishes for the current alcohol license to remain in effect during the license application process. Such a permit will prevent downtime of alcohol sales during the license application period which is normally 60-90 days. This permit application must be signed by the current licensee and the applicant, the applicant shall provide a purchase agreement and/or lease assignment with the COOP application.

COOP's cannot be approved if the current licensee has pending violations. COOP's may not be approved without the current licensee paying any and all state sales and use taxes and local meals tax unless the applicant is willing to assume those taxes.

COOP's must be approved by VA ABC Authority prior to a new applicant taking possession of currently licensed space.

If you want assistance with obtaining a VA ABC COOP or if you have compliance issues contact a specialist today.

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