Re-certify? Why?

Virginia alcohol rules and regulations are a part of being a business that serves alcohol, but understanding the law behind the rules helps you (as an employee or as a business owner) guard against fines and non-compliance. First off, know that all of our training is created by retired, former ABC agents –they know what a current agent is looking for. They know what your servers might be doing wrong (even unknowingly). And, all of us at ABC Consulting want you to stay compliant! 

TOAST Academy offers two courses, today: T.O.A.S.T. VA® (The Operational Alcohol Standards Training of Virginia) and BREW VA™ (focusing on alcohol training specific to the brewery industry). Our training programs are both Virginia ABC approved; they were developed by retired ABC Special Agents and are updated, annually, with new regulations changes and the most up-to-date information. These courses (both online and our in-person courses) are designed and taught by former and retired Virginia ABC Special Agents. These consultants have real knowledge and understanding how to keep a business compliant.

Why is it important to receive a certificate, annually?

  • Our training covers current laws and the specifics that affect your servers.
  • Our training was the first seller/server training out there (created in 2011 by a former ABC agent), and we didn’t just package it and start selling. This training is a living document that is constantly updated with the newest laws and any changes that affect our clients.
  • Each certificate has an annual expiration – unlike other courses from other organizations. VA ABC regulations change, every year, and we want you to stay compliant – not risk fines because you were unaware of a change. 
  • Virginia code requires alcohol certification 12 months prior to a violation in order to offer penalty discounts. That alone is worth re-certification!
TOAST Academy's course offerings. ABC Consulting's online seller/server training

Register and start taking either course, immediately:

  • T.O.A.S.T VA® ($29.95 online price)
  • BREW VA™ ($39.95 online price)
  • Coming Soon: WINE VA™ ($39.95 online price)

*Disclaimer: This article and its contents represent the opinions of the author only. It is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice. ABC Consulting is a private consulting firm, and in no way do we represent the VA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified professional advice based upon your situation.

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