How do I file an MBAR report, with the ABC?

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There are MANY necessary reports for your business – some of them are required to be shared with the VA ABC Authority – the MBAR being one of them. ABC Consulting can file that report for you – so let’s discuss. These forms are to be completed, signed by the licensee, returned to the ABC Authority office i(n Richmond) by the due date shown on Form MBAR. Failure to complete and return all required forms by the due date could result in suspension or revocation of your Alcoholic Beverage License. That is what this article is about: We can help you file this report and make sure that it is submitted in a timely manner. While we are talking reports, what other reports are necessary to create?

Well, let’s start with everything that you must save:

  • Your Point of Sale (POS) receipts, cash register receipts, sales ledger, etc. must match what you are reporting per VA ABC Authority’s requirements. 
  • Sales must be broken down into daily, weekly, AND monthly reports. In addition, every single sales ticket (to include cash sales and buffet tickets) must be kept, and attached, to your daily report.

Report should indicate the following:


  • Entrées (items with sides, buffet, or substantial meals — such as pizza or spaghetti)
  • Other Food (appetizers, side items, desserts)
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (soda, tea, coffee etc.)
  • Wine & Beer (this is the only category that can be combined)
  • Mixed Beverages (this include liquor, shots, mixed drinks, and mixers)
  • To Go (these items cannot count towards minimum sale requirement or ratio.)
  • Miscellaneous (hookah, tobacco, calendars, shirts, etc.)


  • Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Wine & Beer
  • Mixed Beverages
  • Miscellaneous
ABC Consulting - MBAR

If you take nothing else from this article, take THIS:

Your Mixed Beverage Requirements:

  • Entrees: $2,000 (Dine In)
  • Total Food: $4,000 (Dine In)

Your Wine and Beer Requirements:

  • Entrees: $1,000 (Dine In)
  • Total Food: $2,000 (Dine In)

Totals reported must match what is reported to the VA Dept. of Taxation. You should keep sales records for 2 years.

Do you have more questions? ABC Consulting offers year-round consulting services for our retail clients – training (online and on-site), hearing preparation, reporting assistance, MBAR. Let’s talk! 800.785.0161

We’d love to help you with any application that you need to fill out and any reporting you have to do. And if you have any questions about applying for a license, watch this video. If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, please do! And if you are already enjoying that channel, please click the bell notification – so you’ll get notified of new videos. It will also help other people browsing YouTube to see our channel. ABC Consulting’s channel is for anyone unsure of how to navigate ABC regulations or for anyone who needs to know all the steps of the process. ABC Consulting was created in 2009 after my retirement from the VA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement Division, to help businesses such as yours to run a successful and compliant business. In fact, ABC Consulting was created because of my expertise with alcohol regulation (I am a former ABC Agent). This business provides as much help and information, as possible to current and future VA ABC alcohol licensees. If you need an ABC license (or if you want to keep your ABC license), SUBSCRIBE to this channel!

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