Just Approved: Pop’s Market, in Richmond

ABC Consulting would like to introduce you to a deli in Richmond. Pops on Grace is a trendy, delicious Café, Delicatessen & Bakery that frequently sells out of their delicious, freshly-prepared food. Their restaurant license also includes Wine & Beer on premises, which means they can serve that wine & beer, ToGo, as well, if it is paired with food. You have to check out these drool-worthy sandwich selections:

Our clients get help from us with annual re-certifications, onsite seller/server training, help with MBAR reporting, support and attendance at hearings and reminders for renewing licenses and permits – and we encourage all of our clients and would-be clients to take our self-paced online seller/server training, too, for only $29.95. Here are the parameters behind serving alcohol at a restaurant, with a wine & beer on premises permit: 

  • Restaurants have to have $2,000 in food sales, per month to serve Beer & Wine.
  • Of-age staff (21 behind the bar and 18 on the floor of a restaurant) can only serve alcohol to of-age (21), with proper ID, customers.
  • House Bill 1879 and Senate Bill 1299 –  both of these bills allow the continuation of a practice first conceived and initiated by VA ABC Authority to allow restaurants to sell wine & beer, to go. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many restaurants were shuttered, ABC created a safe and secure way for restaurants to offer ToGo beer and wine (up to two beers or two glasses of wine, per order, because they have a Beer & Wine on-premises license).

Please go visit Pops on Grace and tell them ABC Consulting recommended them!  

Pops on Grace

Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-4pm

Find them: 415 E Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219

Facebook: HTTPS://www.Facebook.com/PopsOnGrace

Website for ToGo and online ordering: https://www.toasttab.com/pops-market-415-east-grace-street/v3/

If you want to add the ability to serve alcohol at YOUR Virginia restaurant, let’s talk: Call: 800.785.0161

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