September 11 Memorials

The first memorials to September 11 came in the immediate wake of the attacks, with candlelight vigils and flower tributes at U.S. embassies around the world.

Not just in the United States or in DC and NYC.

  • In Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth sang the American national anthem during the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
  • Rio de Janeiro put up billboards showing the city’s Christ the Redeemer statue embracing the New York City skyline.

For the first anniversary of the attacks in New York City in 2002, two bright columns of light were shot up into the sky from where the Twin Towers once stood. The “Tribute in Light” then became an annual installation run by the Municipal Art Society of New York.

On clear nights, the beams are visible from over 60 miles away.

Regardless of how far away those lights are from Virginia, the nation pauses to remember this day in history. We will never forget that day. #NeverForget #September11 #PatriotDay

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