Valentine’s Day Promotions

ABC Consulting is hoping that THIS Valentine's Day is your Virginia restaurant's biggest, yet.
We have promotional ideas to make the most of food & alcohol sales, for Valentine’s Day!

Restaurants desire a side of “I Do!”

If you are a restaurant, likely you are already thinking about planning a special menu or promotion for Valentine’s Day. In fact any gimmick that you come up with could be the ticket to romance, a proposal – or hopefully – a lot more business. If you have an especially romantic setting, why don’t you just step it up a notch and OFFER a proposal package? Marriage proposals are good for business – in fact it excites the staff and lifts the mood of the entire restaurant. The Commander’s Palace in New Orleans gets a proposal every week or two. The good news for your restaurant? The happy couple will likely become regulars for the rest of their lives! Today’s proposals are becoming larger than life – and many women are popping the question, these days. Things aren’t typical, anymore, when it comes to love and marriage. We already know that your customers are going to spend more money on Valentine’s Day than any other Saturday night – so let’s make this Valentine’s Day absolutely fabulous. What can your restaurant do to offer a romantic, once-in-a-lifetime moment? Well, before we answer that, remember to factor in your food/beverage ratio: Pair special adult beverages with your food items, for one price, but make sure to separate food and alcohol sales for compliant record keeping. For example: 1 bottle of wine, 2 entrées, sides, 2 desserts for $125. TIP: don’t discount any alcohol, after 9pm!

ABC Consulting has been scouring the internet looking for some Valentine promotion ideas:

  • Pauli’s in Boston actually includes the diamond in their offer. A princess-cut diamond tucked into the bun for $3,000. That is a BBQ sandwich she’ll love forever! Can you think of a creative way to add a diamond or a “Will you marry me?” card to the meal or evening?
  • Offer a special “Will You Marry Me?” dessert with room on the plate for a ring box (that they bring, themselves).
  • Offer appetizers that are typically categorized as aphrodisiacs (i.e. oysters and strawberries).
  • Offer a fixed menu for Valentine’s Day with simple choices, all courses included.
  • Upserve suggests eliminating gender pronouns – including all that want to be romantic, this Valentine’s Day.
  • Include a nearby couples massage Spa Package as part of the dinner package.
  • Include a hotel stay, at a nearby hotel, in your dinner package. 
  • Include a flower on each plate, for the first course.
  • Have a professional photographer, on hand, to capture the moment.
  • Include a bouquet of flowers for the bride-to-be.
  • Include a champagne toast after the “Yes!”
  • Bring in especially romantic music – even a pianist or a harpist can make things romantic, if you don’t have room for a jazz band.
  • Start advertising today! Advertise your promotion on all social media channels. To get the romantic juices flowing – publish your menu, now and consider taking a photo of a romantic table with the “Will You Marry Me?” dessert plate, in your restaurant. Price your Proposal Package menu, now – so that he has time to get the ring and make a reservation.
  • Make sure that your staff is on high alert – giggling or gawking can really ruin a romantic moment.  Have staff practice the “Poker Face” – that way no one is tipped off, made to feel uncomfortable for a “no!” or by congratulating too early.

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ABC Consulting is hoping that THIS Valentine’s Day is your biggest, yet.

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