Video: Are you an ABC Manager?

Crystal Stump (owner and CEO of ABC Consulting and former Virginia ABC Special Agent from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority) answers the question: What IS an ABC Manager?

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Thank you for tuning into this video about ABC Managers. If you own a business or manage a business or work at a business that sells alcohol, this video is for you! This channel is perfect for future and current ABC licensees. Each week, we publish a new video discussing different license types, compliance, regulations and trainings available for your business. Being compliant will save you money (and in some cases, even a criminal record) – which is the whole purpose of this consulting business – to keep you compliant, save you money and educate you about the ABC regulations in the state of Virginia. Be sure to subscribe and don’t forget to click the BELL notification so that you are notified, via email, of any new videos. Comment below about where your business is. Are you in Virginia? Another state? I work all over the state of Virginia and perhaps I know you or your business. Hopefully you’ll find this video informative – it will answer the questions:

What is an ABC Manager?

What is your role?

How do you qualify to be an ABC Manager?

The role is created by ABC Consulting. They require that an ABC Manager be on staff (or the licensee) while alcohol is being served. The person named should be people that work there during the hours that alcohol is being served. The ABC Manager also needs to know that they are the acting ABC Manager. This may sound silly, but if an agent investigator comes in and does a spot check inspection, they’ll need to speak with an ABC Manager. That is the ABC Manager’s time to step up and shine. Hopefully, the ABC Manager steps forward and is prepared for the moment. If the ABC Agent asks for an ABC Manager and no one steps up, the agent will walk over to the posted license and read a name on the list. Hopefully that employee is there — but that means that an employee in the room will raise their hand, saying “That’s me!” Not stepping forward to begin with, isn’t going to go so well for the inspection – please make sure that your ABC Manager KNOWS that they are an ABC Manager. 

Most times, when employees are faced with an inspection, they don’t want to raise their hand, because they aren’t trained to deal with the ABC Authority. They lack confidence to answer questions appropriately and so they shy away from raising their hand. I understand their intimidation. ABC Authority inspection agents are sworn police officers and they act very efficient and to the point. They just want to get your inspection over and get on with their day. They typically are not there to arrest anyone or get any one in trouble, so don’t be intimidated. The agent will ask for certain things – watch this video to learn how to manage an inspection.

There is a myth that you cannot work at a place that serves alcohol if you are convicted of a felony or convicted of a DUI – but that isn’t true. But…you DO have to notify ABC Authority of the convictions and ask for special permission. Unfortunately, many people fail to ask for permission and end up getting fines or losing their license, because of that omission.

Here are your requirements, as an ABC Manager:

  • ABC Manager must not have a DUI conviction (without special permission)
  • ABC Manager must not have a felony conviction (without special permission)
  • List the ABC Manager’s names in a 1” font, on the license
  • List names with First and Last Names, on the license
  • ABC Manager must be able to speak and read the English language
  • ABC Manager must be 21 years or older
  • The most important requirement is that an ABC Manager MUST be in the building, at all times that alcohol is being served.

Please make sure that all ABC Managers have taken our T.O.A.S.T VA® training course – it only costs $29.95, is available immediately online, and it is self-paced.

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