New Video: Why is your MBAR Late?

Crystal Stump (owner and CEO of ABC Consulting and former Virginia ABC Special Agent from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority) answers the question: Where is my MBAR? Today’s video is going to cover why you may not have received your MBAR, in the mail.

Pour yourself a drink; you’re going to need it!

Thank you for tuning into this video about MBAR reporting. If you own a business or manage a business that sells alcohol, this video is for you! This channel is perfect for future and current ABC licensees. Each week, we publish a new video discussing different license types, compliance, regulations and trainings available for your business. Being compliant will save you money (and in some cases, even a criminal record) – which is the whole purpose of this consulting business – to keep you compliant, save you money and educate you about the ABC regulations in the state of Virginia. Be sure to subscribe and don’t forget to click the BELL notification so that you are notified, via email, of any new videos. Comment below about where you’re watching this video from, where your business is, or if you live in Virginia or another state.  I work all over the state of Virginia and perhaps I know you or your business. Hopefully you’ll find this video informative.

If you have a Mixed-Beverage Alcohol License, then you know about the Mixed-Beverage Annual Review report, right? This is also known as the MBAR – this document has to be completed, annually, for the ABC Authority. I go into detail about the MBAR reporting in this video. Today, I want to warn you that your MBAR might be late, because if your license has expired, you may not have been notified about it. Why would your license expire? The ABC Authority launched a new system in January that is letting bills slip through the cracks. Which is very bad for you. If your license expires, it isn’t the ABC Authority’s fault. It’s yours. If license renewals aren’t being mailed out, then it is likely that MBARs are not getting mailed out, either. This MBAR is due about 2 months after your license expires.

If you are a consulting client with the ABC Consulting firm, we do the MBAR for you, we remind you that it is due and guide you through that process. We don’t let things slip through the cracks for this important part of your business. It is very important that this annual report is filled out properly and filled out on time, so that you don’t end up with civil penalties. Right now, there are businesses that are not aware that their MBAR is due, as it was never sent to them. This is your responsibility: renewing licenses and sending reporting in…whether the federal government sends you a notice, or not. That is just part of being a responsible business owner. Again, that is part of our responsibilities as your consultant – making sure that you are compliant and up-to-date with any reporting. You need to go back and look at last year’s MBAR date and look at your posted license, in your establishment and make sure that you are up-to-date and not late with any reporting or renewals.

If you need help doing your Mixed-Beverage Annual Review for you. We’ll make sure that your records are organized in the right order, that the package is complete and that it is submitted on time – regardless whether or not the ABC Authority notified you, or not! You can check out our recordkeeping video, here. This video goes into great detail. Remember, also, that if you are a Mixed-Beverage licensee, there is a ratio calculation that you need to adhere to. I do have a Ratio Calculator, here, and its use is free. It is under the Service’s Tab – plug in your numbers and make sure that your business is operating under the right percentages. At this point, you might have more questions and love questions. Comment under this video (or under the blog) or give us a call. We welcome your questions. 800-785-0161

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