Just Approved: Honor Brewing Company

Introducing you to “Honor Beer Kitchen,” located in Fairfax, Virginia. Honor Brewing Company is located in Chantilly, Virginia, and was founded by Army veteran Allen O. Cage, Jr.  After retiring from the military in 1996, Allen felt it was important to start a business that would not only honor those who served this country, but to ensure that those who made the ultimate sacrifice would never be forgotten. Allen and his team were committed to their mission of making great beer and keeping the fallen soldiers’ memories alive. Through their support of various charities and 501(c)(3)’s, throughout the country, Honor Brewing Company began connecting with Gold Star Families; the immediate family members of those who lost their lives during active military duty. These Gold Star Families and Honor Brewing Company have built bonds that will last a lifetime, and the Honor team is committed to making sure that their loved ones’ names, faces, and stories will always be remembered.

ABC Consulting thinks it is terribly exciting to see this small brewery growing, as Honor Beer just opened their second location in Fairfax. They are partnering with the Cordero Family which has multiple restaurants in Northern Virginia (also a client of ABC Consulting) such as Don Titos, Rockwood, and multiple Taco Rocks

Where: 14004 Willard Rd A, Chantilly, VA 20151

Phone: 571-752-6491

Website: www.honorbrewing.com

Mike Cordero is the father of two sons (Nick and Anthony) who are also owners of this new location. Allen Cage is the father and owner of the original Honor Brewery located in Chantilly, Virginia. Allen and his two sons (Tre and Allen Cage) have taken ownership of this new location with the Cordero family to help expand the Honor Beer Brand.  This company is TRULY a Father/Son company!

Honor Beer Kitchen has a restaurant and a brand-new menu. They have also completely updated the interior making it more modern, brighter, and welcoming than before. This is something the Cordero family has wanted to do with Prime Time, for years (Prime Time was the original restaurant, before Honor Beer).

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